July 22, 2018


Elingo offers high-quality language solutions, which will satisfy all of your requirements at affordable prices and strictly within deadlines. Our translators and transcribers are highly trained and professionally equipped to take on projects of any size and to provide customized solutions for your personal or professional needs.

We will translate any type of printed, online or written material. You can also just snap a picture of the text or document you need translated and send it to us for translation.

We offer transcription services not only for audio files but also for conversion from PDF/photos into a readable Word file, maintaining the layout and formatting of the original document.

Localization is essential in today’s global market environment. You will enter new markets easily and quickly by adapting your content to the specific culture and language of the target audience.

Reach a wider audience by adding quality subtitles to your videos, provided by native speakers or combined with professional translation and localization.